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Applicant and/or Co-Applicant understands and agrees that (1) this is an application to rent only and does not guarantee that the applicant and/or co-applicant will be offered a rental agreement for a space within Butte County Fair RV Park; (2) all responses provided by applicant and/or co-applicant are true and correct; (3) the providing of false, incorrect or incomplete information by the applicant and/or co-applicant may, within the discretion of Butte County Fair RV Park, result in an automatic rejection of this application. Applicant and/or co-applicant hereby authorizes Park or Manager or Agent to verify the information provided and obtain a credit report and or background check on applicant and/or co applicant at the Butte County Fair RV Park discretion and if so is required applicant and/or co-applicant agrees to pay a $40 cash fee per applicant. The applicant and/or co-applicant further understands that Prospective Tenants shall have no rights of tenancy until a Rental Agreement has been signed by the park management and the Prospective Tenant(s).

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